Customize Your Corporate Wellness Program


Corporate Wellness activities can help with employee retention, motivation, productivity, and overall attitude. Office spa services may be provided during lunch, throughout the day or after work. You may choose one activity or create your own mixture for optimal results. Unwind requires only a two hour minimum allowing any size company to make employee wellness a healthy priority.

Corporate Wellness

Office Chair Massage

An Unwind ten to thirty minute chair massage is one way for companies of any size to increase morale and help employees manage their health. Massage therapy helps reduce muscle tension in the body, therefore, decreasing chronic pain and stress. Tightness in the muscles can contribute to headaches, sciatica, tendonitis, and low back pain. In conclusion, employees appreciate the opportunity to easily reduce their stress and pain while at the office.

Corporate Wellness

Office Manicures

After typing away on computers all day it’s a real treat for people to receive TLC on their hands. An Unwind 15 minute Mini Mani Color Change or a full 30minute Manicure is a wonderful way to bring an office together to relax and rejuvenate. A fifteen minute mini mani color change is a quick removal of an existing polish and a new application of polish. A thirty minute manicure consists of filing, trimming and polishing of the nails, a little cuticle shaping (if needed) and a soothing hand massage.

Corporate Wellness

Office Facials

An UNWIND fifteen minute mini facial cleanse or a thirty minute facial is a true treat at any office. Offices that most often offer facials are law firms, productions offices & tech companies. A 30 minute facial includes steaming, cleansing, moisturizing & hand massage and a 15 minute facial consist of cleansing & moisturizing. Whichever option you choose to have at your office, it will be absolutely perfect.

Corporate Wellness

Office Henna Art

Henna art is fun to have at any office event as it allows people to connect over their new body art. The application may take around 15 minutes (for a small design) and can be one color, multi-colored or even sparkly.

Corporate Wellness

Office Yoga

Offering yoga sessions in your office may be just the trick to create harmony in your work environment. Office yoga may be a 1 hour session, a 30 minute lesson or even a 15 minute class. In yoga there are a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body and mind. Yoga is especially relevant as can be a positive influence for your team as it increases concentration, reduces stress and builds self confidence.

Corporate Wellness

Guided Office Meditation

Your office mates will receive verbal instructions teaching how to relax the entire body & clear the mind. Furthermore, meditation concentrates on breathing into a deep state of relaxation & inner stillness. As a result, meditation can lead to a more joyous and productive way of life. Guided meditation may improve your office productivity with such benefits as increased memory, clear thinking, greater feeling of connectedness to others, reduced irritability and, most of noteworthy, moodiness. Many people prefer guided meditation because it REQUIRES NO PREVIOUS TRAINING OR EFFORT TO ENJOY!

Corporate Wellness

Office Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are a fun service to have at any office gathering as they allow conversations between colleagues to expand in a way that is new and exciting. A tarot deck generally has 78 cards divided into 4 suits with 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. There are two options which are open readings and question readings. Tarot readings are not intended to answer specific questions but they are to be used as a guide for individuals to make decisions for themselves.

Corporate Wellness

Office Sound Bath

A Sound Bath is an ancient sound-healing ritual where high-vibrational instruments are played. Your team will lay down and allow the sound to wash over them. When this happens, it allows the body to relax, release and reconnect. A 1 hour sound bath allows for optimal relaxation, while a 30m sound bath will still calm your nervous system down.

**20% Gratuity & a $25 Minimum Travel Fee per Spa Specialist will be added to all services.