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We're offering 20% off gift cards with a minimum 2-hour session! Use the code: HSBF20 at 💚
We know that the holiday season can be stressful for some, so this #UNWINDWednesday we encourage you to pause and take a DEEP BREATH! 🌿💫 ⁣

Taking a few deep breaths in stressful situations can help regulate your heart rate and stress levels. Inhale the peace, exhale the stress. 💚
Have you ever had a lymphatic massage? The goal of this service is to activate your lymph nodes by moving the lymph fluid toward where the nodes are actually located. This will help decrease swelling, promote blood flow, and boost your immune system! ✨⁣

Request this service at 💚🌿
Happy Halloween! We hope you have a fun + safe day filled with treats! 🎃👻🍭
Let's take a moment to check-in. Are you running on fumes today? Time to take a deep breath and remind ourselves that we cannot pour from an empty cup. What's one of your favorite ways to recover after a long week?