Customize Your Spa Party

Spa Parties

Spa Party Massage

A wonderfully fun, relaxing and memorable way to celebrate with friends and family. There are several options and you decide which one is right for you and your guests. A full 90 minute or 60 minute massage per person is complete with massage tables, linens, oils & music. A 30 minute massage per guest has options such as table with linens & oils, table fully clothed or chair massage. A 15 minute massage per guest may be done fully clothed on a table or on a massage chair.

Mobile Manicure

Spa Party Nails

A fantastic way to celebrate with friends or family to show them how much you appreciate them. There are several options and you decide which one is right for you and your guests. A full manicure and pedicure takes one hour per person, a mani or pedi is half an hour per guest and a mani or pedi color change is 15 minutes per guest. A full 30 minute Manicure includes trimming and polishing of the nails and shaping of the cuticles. A complete 1/2 hour Pedicure involves trimming and filing of toenails & shaping the cuticles as necessary. A 15 minute color change is simply removing the polish that is there and putting a fresh new coat of polish on each nail.

Spa Parties

Spa Party Facials

A facial by Unwind is a luxurious addition to any spa party. There are several options and you decide which one is right for you and your guests. One option is to receive full one hour facials with steaming, cleansing, extracting, moisturizing along with hand & foot massages. Another direction is a 30 minute facial that includes steaming, cleansing, moisturizing & hand massage. The shortest option is to have 15 minute facials that consist of cleansing & moisturizing.

Spa Parties

Spa Party Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is often found at bachelorette parties, birthday parties and bridal showers and generally the group has a focused meditation of love and support for the bride, birthday person or the two people who are being married. One hour of guided meditation may make all the difference in  having a peaceful and joyous occasion.

Spa Parties

Spa Party Yoga

Spa Party Yoga is a great way to bring friends & families together to breathe & connect. Many yoga practices embody breathing exercises and a series of postures that promote strength, balance & flexibility. Unwind Yoga Instructors design each yoga lesson specifically for the needs of the spa party. Some spa parties like to focus on breathwork while others are more about postural flow or toning.

Henna Art

Spa Party Henna Art

Henna art is fun to have at any spa party. The application of henna will take between 15 minutes and 45 minutes and maybe a single color, multi-color or glitter design. Birthday parties, baby showers & bachelorette parties often have henna art as one of the available spa party services.

Spa Parties

Joyous Dance

Joyous dance will leave you and your friends feeling empowered, happy, joyous & free. The goal is to move freely without thought or hesitation into a self-sufficient state of bliss with a vortex of magical energy that is very much a trance like state of euphoria. At your spa party you may have one 60 minute dance class, split your group into two 30 minutes sessions of dancing or even have four groups with 15 minutes of dance. When you have joyous dance at your spa party you may experience the art of connecting with yourself and allowing your true AUTHENTIC self to exist. This is pure Love.

Spa Parties

Spa Party Sound Bath

A Sound Bath is an ancient sound-healing ritual where high-vibrational instruments are played. Your friends will lay down and allow the sound to wash over them. When this happens, it allows the body to relax, release and reconnect. A 1 hour sound bath allows for optimal relaxation, while a 30m sound bath will still calm your nervous system down.

Tarot Readings

Spa Party Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are a fun service to have at spa parties because they allow conversations between friends to expand in a way that is new and exciting. A tarot deck generally has 78 cards divided into 4 suits along with 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. There are two options which are open readings and question readings. Tarot readings are not intended to answer specific questions but they are to be used as a guide for individuals to make decisions for themselves.

**20% Gratuity & a $25 Minimum Travel Fee per Spa Specialist will be added to all services.